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Théa Medical Library

An unique collection of books which deals with various topics and pathologies in collaboration with recognized international ophthalmologists who are leading experts in their fields.


Pro­vid­ing high qual­i­ty oph­thalmic edu­ca­tion and facil­i­tat­ing knowl­edge shar­ing has always been of utmost impor­tance to Théa’s founders, the Chi­bret Fam­i­ly.

Each year, Théa also offers a range of edu­ca­tion­al books on a num­ber of top­ics in the Thea Medical Library Collection. The publications are written by recognised ophthalmologists and address a specific theme. Didactic in nature, they are richly illustrated and suitable for all ophthalmologists.

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Glaucoma stories

28 May 2021

AMD an overview of clinical forms

28 May 2021

Eyelid & Conjunctival Tumors

16 May 2021

OCT & Glaucoma

14 May 2021

OCT and Retina

4 May 2021

OCT and optic nerve

4 May 2021

Chronic Corneal Ulcers

4 May 2021

Practical OCT-Angiography

4 May 2021

The eye in history

4 May 2021

Modern update of ocular and orbital Ultrasound

4 May 2021

History of ophthalmology told by posted stamps

4 May 2021

Nutrition for eye health: fact or fiction?

3 May 2021
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