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DryLab by Théa

Théa accompanies the eye care specialists of the future by allowing surgeons at the dawn of their career to develop their techniques upon Dry Labs sessions. It offers a great opportunity to learn the surgical procedures and gestures.



Théa is a key pharmaceuticals partner for eye surgeons, and for years we have been proactively supporting training for YOs by offering opportunities to grow their medical expertise and improve core skills in eye surgery via purpose-tailored workshops like “Dry Lab by Théa”. These sessions of workshop are a great opportunity to learn the surgical procedures and gestures.

Pharmaceutical partner of surgeons, Théa has been supporting training for YOs for many years by offering them the opportunity to develop their medical expertise but also to improve their skills in surgery through specific workshops such as: “Dry Lab by Théa”. Education and knowledge sharing have always been an important tradition for the Chibret family.

The “Dry Lab by Théa” aroused great interest from all the participants. A lot of young ophthalmologists, as well as trainers have the chance to participate in one of this educational event through different sessions.

Théa supports this type of event throughout the year. 

If you wish to learn more about Dry Labs, don’t hesitate to visit

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Lisbon • 9 Sep 2021

Suture and ligature Techniques

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